Solid Strategy

We developed a stable and consistent ETF strategy since 2010. The strategy is based on technical indicators and price ranges.

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Mechanical Process

it is a 100% mechanic process. There are no emotions or subjective decisions to select each signal.

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Global Indexes

An ETF index is a investment structure that pools the assets of its investors and can be traded on any exchange.

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Customer Support

We offer full email support to our members; Please, do not hesitate in consulting us for any question or comments.

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Last Star trades

Position Symbol Entry Date Entry Price Exit Date Exit Price % Change Holding Days
LONG IYR 9/01/16 82.00 9/07/16 84.00 2.44% 5
LONG IBB 9/09/16 283.00 9/19/16 293.00 3.53% 7
LONG GDX 9/13/16 26.00 9/21/16 27.00 3.85% 7
LONG UCO 9/27/16 9.00 9/28/16 9.80 8.89% 2

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