We posted the sum of all trades. The return on your account will be the sum of all trades divided by the number of open trades and allocation. For example conservative members will want to assign a small portion of their accounts into each trade, while aggressive traders with access to leverage may want to maximize their returns using a higher portion of their accounts.

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255.28% 143 69.23% 2.25 4.1 DAYS
372.41% 154 73.37% 2.75 4.4 DAYS
328.33% 137 69.34% 2.26 4.8 DAYS
297.30% 127 71.65% 2.52 4.4 DAYS
100.91% 158 51.89% 1.08 5.6 DAYS
56.28% 126 46.82% 0.88 7.3 DAYS
-60.17% 121 36.36% 0.57 4.9 DAYS
232.03% 123 64.22% 1.80 5.1 DAYS
10.42% 4 50.00% 1.00 5.7 DAYS






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